Just Looking Thanks – Snippets

Here are a few pictures, sights, scenes from my random wandering around our town, Hon-Atsugi

This man sweats it out mid-summer preparing more ground for vegetables. The weather conditions and soil allow for great harvests around here. The little plots are well looked after by keen gardeners all around our district, and presumably across Japan where available land is well utilised

I’m constantly fascinated with the great results folks accomplish with regards to creating vegetative statements in their entrance-ways and minuscule front yards

Garden, Hon-Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan

Garden, Hon-Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan

One morning near our place, I watched these seniors playing a variation on golf. They carry their tee mat with them, place the badminton shuttle cock on it and strike it down the fairway – similar to my golf, a few metres. The “hole” is a mesh disc raised off the ground that the shuttle cock [pictured] is chipped into. So not a lot of space required and exercise to be had whilst having a great time with friends

Spotted these three lads across the river just sitting on a mound of dirt, surveying their domain

Lads chewing the fat, Hon-Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan

Lads chewing the fat, Hon-Atsugi, Kanagawa, Japan

This haze appeared whilst waiting for the train at Atsugi station, the station before Hon-Atsugi. The rail line appears to disappear into an alternative dimension

Atsugi Station haze, Kanagawa, Japan

Atsugi Station haze, Kanagawa, Japan

Just some shots of local houses. Not a lot of space around the apartments and most houses

Central (Chuo) Park, with the great concrete watering balls

Local Hon-Atsugi Fire Station. Immaculately groomed vehicles and a well presented crew

Local house graphically designed

A side street near the town centre

The Hon-Atsugi mascot – a pig with carp on it’s head. Designed based on the famous pork raised here as well as the carp from the local rivers feeding and in the Sagami River. Interesting combination but it works in a Japanese kind of way

Famous pork shop. Expensive too

Local Hon-Atsugi train station police livery. Did laugh one day, albeit not out loud, whilst waiting for our local bus. An officer was kick starting franticly to get his motor-cycle going. Was still pumping when our bus drove away…

Hon-Atsugi station police transport fleet

Hon-Atsugi station police transport fleet

Rice – freshly planted babies late May 2014, growing up late July 2014. Progress to be monitored and updates will be provided given the importance of rice in Japan particularly [interestingly, a strong driver of the Japanese psyche given its importance back in the day] and the rest of Asia

Our apartment Hon-Atsugi. Ours is the bottom storey with my flourishing garden in front. Compare the landlord’s well guarded biological enclosure. He did give me a number of tomatoes as he observed my feeble [translate to pathetic] attempt at agriculture, in a manner exhibiting less generosity and mostly sympathy. Received with appreciation and gratitude as is the kiwi way



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