Neighbours in Hon-Atsugi

This post is about our pleasant surprise tonight, July 26, 2014. 10 metres away from our apartment, the local community had organised an evening of music, food and getting together that warmed my heart. And more surprises!!

Today, this beautifully hot mid-summer’s day, resulted in the spontaneous visit to a southern Kanagawa town. Hours were spent being nosey, walking through back streets, finding very historical temples and graveyards. And that story will be posted soon. I travelled home by train, showered and departed to meet Marcia after work in the pumping centre of Hon-Atsugi

As I prepared to leave home, the pervasive sound of LOUD music emanated from near by. First instinct – the elementary school nearby has a concert. This was indeed palatable given the months of playground noise, tunefully played recorders cranking out old-school music and army-style synchronised exhortations from the playground six days a week. However, being the nosey person I am, I had to go and have a look

Across the road from the school I found this

Before it kicked off, Our neighbourhood party, Hon-Atsugi, July 2014

Before it kicked off, Our neighbourhood party, Hon-Atsugi, July 2014

Interesting. Of course, and you may rightly suggest unsurprisingly,  I have no idea of the context. And of course, this being Japan, that may not be easily discovered. Okay, now I know where the noise is coming from so off to town. Meet Marcia, dinner then homeward bound. Before we go to the apartment, I direct Marcia to the source of the sound. Traffic wardens wave their Darth Vader light sabers vigorously at the traffic and as usual, an inappropriately road-crossing gaijin [me] results in even more vigorous saber waving, whistle blowing, complimented with nervous laughter from my companion

Into the yard pictured and it is now very well populated. Geisha style women are dancing anti-clockwise around the erected stage. Young kids are at the top, beating perfectly on the drums that they probably spend their Saturday and Sundays practicing. Many young kids, food stalls cooking up a storm and great participation. Heart warming

We were standing by the MC who, throughout the evening, verbalised a great raft of information between dancing sessions. She spoke perfect english to me at one point about dancing with her, and because this was not in the club, I politely declined. In between her MCing periods I asked her why she spoke such good english. She had lived in Canada and Wales with her husband for over 20 years so was proficient in that most difficult of languages, english

The MC stated that she was now involved in community things and clearly tonight was a positive result of that, We thoroughly enjoyed it and I will make attempts to chat to our local advocate again so stand by

So resultant photos


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